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Your wedding is undoubtetly one of the most exiting and important days in your life. , At Jd tours we have a very wonderful wedding cordinator with over 7 years experience in puerto vallarta . From the moment you first contact us ,you will have the personal attetion of her to ensure that yoour day is arranged to every last detail . To ensure that your weeding day is a resounding success the packages have been carefully created to provide exellent value for your money . During your special day , you can be sure that you ,your family, and friends will thoroughly enjoy our hospitality and will experience a wonderfull day to remember.
Wedding itinerary
This is a example and will be changed according to your needs or package you have picked out

​6:00 pm guest arrive and are seated( music solo guitar )
6:15 pm Cermony ( on the beach )
6:30 pm You may kiss the bride (mariachi singer's )
Congradulations ( belini and orderves served)
7:15 pm Dinner served ( musico solo with guitar)
8:00 pm Speeches ( champange toast )
8:30 pm First dance ( music Dj )
8:40 pm Dancing ( music Dj )
9:15 pm Cutting of the cake
9:30 pm Fireworks display
9:40 pm Dancing until 11:30pm

Decorated setting for cermony
Minister symbolic Cermony
Bride Bouquet
Groom Boutinier
Classlical guitar music
Belini Toast
Dj 3 hours
Fireworks display
Formal linen
Decorated setting's in restraunt
$ 2750 usd

Decorated setting for cermony
minister symbolic cermony
Bride Boquet
groom boutinier
Dj 4 hours
Formal linen
Decorated setting in restraunt
$ 1680 usd
Decorated setting for cermony
Minister symbolic cermony
Bride Boquet
Groom boutinier
Classical guitar Music
Belini Toast
Dj 3 hours
Formal linen
Deccorated setting in restraunt
$ 1850 usd

Decorated setting for cermony
minister symbolic cermony
Bride boquet
Groom Boutinier
Classical guitar
Belini Toast
Formal linen
Decorated settiing in restraunt
$ 1100 usd

Menu's options/ Bar info

  ​​Due to the vast number of location we only e-mail menu options to our customers , On average we will give you a choice of 3 orderves , 4 plated style dinner options or 2 different buffet options . Orderves are included in plated and buffet pricing . The average cost for a plated dinner service ranges from $26usd a plate up to $35usd a plate. The cost of the buffet options will range from $22usd to $27 usd per person .

    For the bar service we can provide a open bar with a large variety for a average cost of 30usd per person . Another option is limited bar and price will depend on selection . We can also just do a beer and tequila bar at some restraunts as you are able to bring in your one bottles and wine , with this the restraunts still provide pop water and juices . The cost on this can vary largely but on average is about 13 usd a person .
Wedding on the beach (Prices and photo's below) Over 10 locations from nuevo vallarta to punta mita
Private parties Have a huge varation in pricing , with over 50 locations and unlimited food and beverage options is is hard to post prices. We can due functions form 10 to 1000 persons .
If you would like to recieve a quote on a private function please fill out our Q&A form and we will get back to you asap with all the infomation you will need . Thanks ​
        Private parties or functions 
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