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Go for a perfect day , On this agricultural / village tour you will learn the process of planting and harvesting watermelon and pinapple ,Than we will show you the small town of valle de banderas and its beautiful 155 year old church . than we will take you to the oldest cematary in the bay and teach you our barial processs and about the day of the dead, Next we will take you to a ranch were a cooking class will teach you how to make salsa mexicano , guakamole and salsa a pestal and morter and than you will learn how to make hand made tortillas .

finally you will sit and enjoy your feats and a great lunch provided as well including an open bar ​
         Taste of the bay 

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child - 59 usd
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9:30 am

monday thru saturday​​
please wear proper atire , walking shoes , hat , sunscreen and bugspray
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Taste food tour
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